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FIFA World Cup 2010

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CALIFORNIA - Electronics Arts (EA) plans to issue football simulation game
latest, 2010 FIFA World Cup on April 27, 2010. First game will be visited gamers in North America just three days after EA will launch in Europe and Asia.
Games to welcome the 2010 World Cup event in South Africa that will support the platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo wii and PlayStation Portable.
EA as reported by Softpedia, Friday (28/1/2010), expresses this game will be filled with approximately 199 national teams from around the world. Game allows gamers to follow from the initial qualifying to the finals to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
In addition, EA also presents the 10 stadiums where matches will be the party's four-year soccer in South Africa. In this game EA is also bringing the whole atmosphere of the match from music, fireworks until the whole national team fans. The whole look of the national team's supporters displayed EA as much as possible.
However, EA did not explain in detail the game play that will be presented. Likely to play the game 2010 FIFA World Cup will not much different from FIFA 2010 which was launched in 2009.Bagikan


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