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How to earn lots of gold in Ninja Saga

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You don't need to cheat your way to success in Ninja Saga
see how to get a lot of gold with honesty. Actually, 
you just have to do the mission called Escaped Criminals.
Hack Ninja Saga. The flash-based game Ninja Saga is role-playing game involving… 
you guess it… NINJAS! Check out this video tutorial so you can learn 
how to earn lots of gold in Ninja Saga? (01/10/10). 
So, do the Escaped Criminals mission 
and you can get a chance to get these weapons
 from the Bandit: Tri Star Kunai, Arrow Head Kunai FF, Iron Dagger.
Description of the app on Facebook:
"Experience the thrill and excitement of Ninja Saga's 
Web RPG Alpha Version which starts with 
the mission of an adolescent kid aspiring to learn the ways of the Ninja to be recognized and acknowledged by everyone as a Kage. Train intensively and increase your skills to challenge and conquer enemies and monsters in different villages. Gain the experience, sharpen your techniques and challenge your friends in
battles. Be the best known Kage in the world of Ninja Saga!
Featuring the best Web RPG that combines, fun, adventure, and challenge all combined in one; with more than 100 animated ninja skills to learn; no installations, just a web browser and a flash player, and you can have the greatest challenge of a lifetime never to be forgotten!"
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