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LineAge 2 Cheat

Console Exploit

L2 client is based on the Unreal Warfare Engine, so it makes it easy to open some doors.

1- When building warfare bin, there's an option do disable the console object, and btw they also changed its name to L2Console.
That dumb fellows from NCSoft forgot to close the Log window and they left a door to the game console.
To open it just run L2 with the following parameters or create a shortcut to L2.exe with the follwing target:

"c:\Lineage II\System\L2.exe" -log

You will notice a Log window will open too, and you can use that log window to send console commands to the game.
It also accepts Unreal Script too.

Command Line Parameters

"c:\Lineage II\System\L2.exe" -log -cheats -CPUSPEED=1000
The unreal warfare engine used in L2 is very similar to Unreal 2 Engine. If you search the web for unreal2 command line parameters you will find a lot of usefull ones.
for instance:

-cheats : Enables all cheats (teleport, speed change, etc)
-cpuspeed=2300 : sets the client to works a if it detected that your cpu speed was 2300Hz, and it will set the time counters that way.
If you own a 2.4MHZ processor, the game will run a faster. If you own a 2000HZ processor, the game will run slower. This worked fine untill middle of C1, try not to set the value more than 20% of your CPU speed.

Executing console commands and Unreal Script

after opening the Log window, you will notice that you cant still run console commands in that window because it isnt a real console prompt. But...
Lets say I want to use the cheat command "SetSpeed 3000", it wont work.
But I can use the following Unreal script to bind that command to a key.
Use: set input r setspeed 3000
then, each time you press the "r" key on the keyboard your char will be warped away (lol, even through walls) and it will be pulled back in by the server some seconds later.
This command was very usefull when I was bellow lvl 40 before I get fake death. If you are fighting a non agro mob, and you trigger the setspeed event your char will be warped and desapears. then the server puts you back where you where. But meanwhile the mob stops atacking you because you left his atack radious.

Making fast adena:

    * Needed, little bit of adena (500 will do)

    * Go to a magic shop that works buy the most expensive stackable item they sell there, buy 100 million of the item at a time, u'll see it costs a lot (don't press ok yet)

    * Add 100 million again, by now the number should be negative...

    * Keep adding and removing items till it costs what u can afford, press ok, sell items to the shop, voila, lotsa adena.


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