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Dream Lords Online

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Dream Lords Online Now Open to All Users
The last Dreamlords Era went out with a bang (literally - the entire world was in flames!) and the Lockpick team devoted their efforts to developing and launching the next Dreamlords phase, called "The Reawakening." We've been working closely with the Lockpick team and now we present to you, our FilePlanet readers, the exclusive chance to get in and beta test the next Era of Dreamlords!

What is Dreamlords?
Dreamlords is an MMO that combines web-based gaming with RPG character development, RTS battles, and an emphasis on long-term strategy. It's a unique title in the MMO space, and one to try if you're looking for something fresh. Players take on the role of Dreamlords, who each control a "Patria," a small fragment of the world whose residents build and develop their land to further their Dreamlord's plans.


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