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Spend a few minutes of your time to read the information will I give, remember all that I gave here is free and you do not at any cost collector, all you need is a computer and internet connection just to run it. And I will give way to earn more money in this program by others in secret
(tipsnya exist in most post below)
 how to get  $ 5 - $ 25/ day even more from the Internet? An easy way you simply stay on the list of sites that I provide and then you create the article / comments in English about an electronic product, ebook, and other sports lain.cukup make 1 review will suffice, just remember 1 review. I will give a guide later. essentially all the free and very easy.

No speak English? not speak English is not the issue here, because you can do without having to speak English. I'll give you a way to make a review without speak English, you only live copy paste and google translet use only. I will give a guide later. so do not speak English is no problem.

how do the payment? payment is by using paypal, you do not need to fear if you do not have paypal, you better make a paypal now past, a guide to make a paypal you can see here (make paypal also free)

Is the site trustworthy? This site has been on the acquisition by Microsoft, so this site belong to microsoft. you no longer need to question about the credibility of microsoft which is guaranteed, so do not be afraid you will not be paid because that possibility is quite small. anyway this site has a alexa rank 2695 (25 january 2009). and this site has been around since 1995 so no need to ask again at capacity, it must be trusted.

Now how do I register and how to get the money. I will explain step by step for you to get the money, please note:

1. Click the banner below to join

2. fill in name, email address, password, and fill the entire Form and then click "start now"
3. after you sign up, open your email there is a link in the confirmation of your membership ciao, click the link activasi then got into ciao automatically after you click the activation link.
4. after admission to ciao
click login and then input the username and password that you created earlier. then you have entered the member's area ciao, then click on the member center right of the website ciao
5. after entry into member center you can choose what you want your product like product reviews cameras, cell phones, or computers and many more. you can also use the search facility for products that you want to review. I examplize here for a review of cell phones. click the cell phone

6. after you click the cell phone will display a list of cell phone products, here I will review about sony ericsson W580i, then click sony ericsson W580i, if you want to review other products you just do the same thing just a different product.

7. after that click on "write a review" to make a review, you do not have to worry about making a review english because later I'll give you tips and tricks.

8. after it emerged a form that must be reviewed in the content, review the contents with a minimum of 120 words, why make it easy, the contents are also other forms such as product deficiency and excess.

after that click "publish review"
After you create 1 review then you've become an active member ciao and have started to make money through ciao.

How to get money from ciao!

after you become an active member of ciao then you already can get money from ciao, whatever you get from ciao:

    * Get $ 0.01-$ 0.03 every other person you are rating review
    * Get $ 0.01-$ 0.03 every other person review your rating
    * Get $ 1 for every person you refer
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please give ratings  my review

proof of payment from ciao

Now view the source of the money from ciao the most important thing is we have a lot of friends in ciao, and we often read reviews of other people, so they will be back to read our reviews and ratings. believe me. therefore join here


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