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How to find dofollow blog and boost up your PageRank for FREE

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The idea of getting a great list of dofollow blogs came into my mind when I saw few people in digitalpoint forums managed to get good return by selling list of high pagerank, dofollow blogs. There must be some kind of tricks or automated software that can do the job. My quest on this trick/software didn't give any credible lead until I stumbled upon Fast Blog Finder. Before I proceed I would like to show you something interesting.
I bet some of you must be a little bit skeptical on the notion that high pagerank backlink can have significant impact in boosting up our pagerank. But let see this site ( It has a valid PR6 after only 4 months of existence.

Judging from Alexa ranking and number of backlinks, it's not really in a good shape to even reach PR5. The definitive answer can be found only after the backlinks were put under scrutiny.

You can check the first top backlink yourself. It doesn't have any nofollow tag at all! Wouldn't this prove that backlink from high pagerank sites carry heavy weight in Pagerank calculation?
Now we are back to our main topic. Basically Fast Blog Finder will find dofollow blog posts for you. Before I go on further, let's get this thing straight. The idea is not to spam them but finding blogs which belong to the same niche as yours and comment intelligently. Give something insightful and constructive rather than leaving comment like "Good post" et al. It doesn't add any value at all. Ok, I don't want to dwell on this issue any longer, it would be better to get down to this lovely program.
First you need to download the program file at Fast Blog Finder. Install it and once done you will be asked to fill up a form so that they can email you the activation key. After that you can start do the searching.

When you are done with the searching you will be presented with posts that carry dofollow and nofollow tag. To further fine tune your search you can use "your keywords" + "commentluv". That way, dofollow tag will be applied to your homepage link and your last post as well.
This program is FREE but the search result is limited to 50 blogs for each keyword. You may upgrade this program for $49 if you want to have unlimited number of blogs for every search. 50 blogs are actually more than enough because we are not playing with numbers but quality. Remember we are not going to spam them; rather we want to add something useful on those posts and at the same time reaps the rewards.
Download Fast Blog Finder


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Make Real Money said...

Oh man you are so diluded. You are caught up under the dillusion like the rest of them that somehow pagerank = traffic. This is just not so. You can be a PR9 and get ZERO organic traffic. Also you can be a PR0 and get oodles of organic hits a day.

What you need is backlinks. And relevant backlinks at that.

Google doesn't send you so many visitors based on what your PR is.

What is working for people commenting these dofollow blogs is the fact they are building backlinks.

And then and only then it depends on where you are in the SERPS vs where your competitors are and what backlinks they have vs how much competition there is for whatever keywords you are going for.

I hope you realise now that PR has nothing to do with SERP results. OR how much traffic you'll get.

Constantly updating your site with relevant keyword rich content that people are searching for and simply pinging it is ample enough for most people who don't ever, no not once, purchase or use any type of dofollow blog lists.

cheat gunbound said...

bagus informasinya sob.. bermanfaat bagi yang lain.. salam kenal ya

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