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How to hack LAN passwords with Ettercap

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Ettercap is a program designed to sniff passwords on a LAN. It can recognize several different packets that contain passwords including HTTP, Telnet, FTP, POP, rlogin, SSH1, ICQ, SMB, MySQL, NNTP, X11, IRC, IMAP, VNC, SNMP, MSN, YMSG, etc. Furthermore, Ettercap can utilize Man in the Middle Attacks to hijack packets and redirect them to the attacker computer allowing it to extract passwords. In this episode, you'll learn how to use Arp Poisoning, DHCP Spoofing, and Port Stealing MITM Attacks. This network hacking tutorial also covers how to configure Ettercap to sniff encrypted passwords over the Secure Sock Layer (SSL and HTTPS). Moreover, Ettercap can be easily programmed to modify network traffic with the use of Filters. You'll see how to make, and use, different filters with Ettercap. Ettercap comes with numerous plugins to advance Ettercap's abilities; in this how-to, you'll also learn how to use the Check Poison, Re-Poison, DNS Spoofing, Isolate, DoS Attack, Find IP, Gateway Discover, Search Promisc, Arp Cop, and Scan Poisoners Plugins. Lastly, you'll learn how to use Ettercap's Passive OS Fingerprinting feature. Ettercap supports passive dissection of many protocols allowing it to identify a host's Operating System and Services. For more information, watch this hacker's how-to! Creator's Site


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