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How To Make Money With CPALead

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About CPALead

The Company. CPALead, LLC is a performance-based, online advertising network that develops technologies to promote incentive-based advertisements across niche websites in the niches of video games, entertainment, social networks, vitual worlds, and more.

CPALead specializes in websites that have premium content.

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CPALead is probably one of the fastest growing CPA networks worldwide.
Their innovative setup and motivation to improve their network is incredible. They basically do anything to become better than any other network out there.

An innovative concept!
First of all they have a great concept: The idea behind CPALead is to protect your website content through a gateway. Only when visitors complete a survey or offer they get access to the content. Especially the surveys are doing very well. People love surveys and they love to let other people know their opinion. That's part of the reason why CPALead works so well.

New Features: SMS, PayPal, Trial Offers
CPALead worked hard to implement new features. By now you can also let people complete trial offers, pay via PayPal or send a paid SMS to unlock your content.
- Paid SMS
- PayPal
- Trial Offers
- Surveys
- Purchase Offers

They also work hard on releaseing new plugins, widgets and tools to help you keep track of your stats. For example they released a iPhone tool and a Firefox plugin that automatically fetches your current earnings of the day.

Protected Downloads
Another new feature is the possiblity to initiate a file download after completing a survey/offer. That's helpful if you don't want your visitors to grab the download links from the source code.

New Dashboard + Interface
The Interface has also been greatly improved and looks a lot better now. The new dashboard quickly gives you an overview of all the important statistics and functions.

User Feedback
CPALead appreciate user feedback. If you are not satisfied with your daily earnings, you can simply submit your feedback and they will work on it.

Increased Payouts
The CPALead staff is also sharing more revenue when you are sending more leads their way. For example they increased my payout two times so far and are paying me two times a month now (instead of just one time).

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How to Make Money With CPALead 

We are going to apply for an account on CPALead. From your account you will be able to create gateways(advertisements pop-ups) that will block the content of your website/blog for all your visitors. Once a visitor completes a survey he gains acces to your blog/website. More on this later...

Does it work?

When you have been accepted by CPALead, there is a shoutbox on the home tab(after you logged in). There you'll see plenty of people talking about how much they have earned. So, that's like unlimited proof I think?

***** CPALead pays by PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfer or Check *****
***** Minimum payout is 50$ which you can reach easily*****
***** You CAN NOT use CPALead for 18+ content websites! *****

Let's start...
1) Making a blog/website( People with a blog/website can skip this step!)

Before we can fill out an application for CPALead we will need a blog/website.
Once you finished your registration & confirmed your email you will come to a screen with lots of details about your Cpanel log in, ftpserver address etc... It will ask you if you want to print that page, but if you look in the inbox of you email you will see they also emailed you all the details!
!!! Just make sure you never ever delete that email !!!

2) Configuring Wordpress.

Okay, next thing to do is install wordpress ( or any other blog-software you prefer). To do this you just log in at your Cpanel ( log in link & details can be found in the email you received from BlueHost). Once you are logged in you will come to this screen :

On the left side ( big blue sidebar) you will find all the details about your account & website. Now we go the Software & services and we click on Ivista. On the next screen you just click on Proceed. The screen after that shows a list of all types of software you can install on your website. We are going to use wordpress for this tutorial. So you click on the green button behind Wordpress 2.8 and it will be auto-installed on your website. When your installation is completed you get details about your wordpress installation.
!!! Copy these & paste them in a document. These details are important !!!

The next thing we are going to do is configure our wordpress blog so we go to the wordpress login page of our blog. This is simple: " the link of your website /wp-admin " ( for instance http:/ You can find personal login-link in the details which i told you to paste in a document, you link is located next to "Script Admin CP". Now we'll come to a wordpress login page where you will need to enter the details you got after we installed wordpress. This mostly is username: admin & password: your Cpanel password.

Once we have logged in you can start editing you wordpress theme & make some posts on your blog ( write articles, write tutorials,.... whatever your blog is about). Just make sure you have 4-5 posts on your blog!

When you configured your blog the way you want it ( & you at least 4-5 posts/blog entries), you are ready to apply for CPALead To sign up for CPALead just Click Here:

The sign up page is pretty clear I think. Under main website you enter the url of the website you just created, and either you leave Daily views blank or you put in a random number there(like 135).

After you signed up you will have to wait for them to apply your application. It took only 1 day for me... the maximum is 2 days! Don't be afraid your application will get cancelled. It will only get cancelled if your blog contains 18+ content or if you don't have enough posts.

Next thing we're going to do is log into CPALead and create a widget(gateway which will contain the advertisements.) Once we are logged in we go to the widgets tab(on top) and then we see a button on the left sidebar ( + create a new widget). Just select your content type & after that you choose webpaged content. Now complete all the steps & design your widget the way you want it. In the end select Enable 'Adblock Protection and Enable 'Disabled Javascript Protection' . After this you copy the code of your widget and go back to you dashboard ( wordpresslogin of your website). Once you are logged in there, you click on appearance on the left sidebar. After this you click editor and you will see the html codes of your blog. On the right sidebar you select footer.php, this will open the html code of your blog.

Once you pasted the code, click on update file. Now when you click on My Site ( left upper corner) you will be taken to your blog. If you did everything right your content should now be blocked by the widget you created on CPALead!

That's about it, your blog & widget should now be configured. Now it's time to be creative and get as many people as possible to complete a survey for you. Every completed survey will give you 0.50$ to 10$. You can check your earnings in your CPALead account & your can also create more widgets & more blogs to earn more and more. You can also enter you IP in the IP bypass list. All the Ip's in this list won't get a blocked content when they go to your blog. The list is located under the widgettab under general options.

Note: when you get applied to CPALead you'll get a personal Affiliate manager. (help tab when you logged in). You can also ask him for help if you can't get it to work!

& One piece of advice, promoting your website is what it's all about so Think outside the box & you can earn much money with this!


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