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How to make your Wordpress Blog a Do Follow

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If you have installed wordpress freshly on your blog then it is a No-Follow from the start.
If you want people who comment on your blog to get indexed then there are two ways to make your blog into a Do-Follow Blog.
1) Upgrading with a Plugin
Download dofollow.php.txt, Rename it to dofollow.php from dofollow.php.txt, Upload it in your wp-contents/plugins directory and then login to your wp-admin and go to plugin settings page and enable this plugin :)
2) Upgrading Manually
Upgrading manually is risky, I am not responsible if there is any harm caused to your blog. Make a backup of your blog and try this.
In “wp-includes/comment-template.php” search for the line

and replace it with this:

Done, Your blogs a Do-Follow now, Even my Blog is a Do-Follow, So keep commenting ;)


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