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What are Blog Sponsored Review and Pay you to Blog Sites?:
Blog sponsored review sites and pay you to blog websites provide a place for advertisers and online publishers (such as bloggers) to find eachother. When an advertiser has a product or service to promote online, he might want to generate blogger buzz about it spread the word among blog readers. He can find a blogger who writes a blog that people who are likely to be interested in his product read, then pay the blogger to write a post about his product or service with links to his website and any other information he chooses. The blogger is paid based on the terms of the opportunity after the post is published.
The Benefits of Sponsored Reviews and Pay You to Blog Sites for Bloggers:
Sponsored reviews and pay you to blog opportunities are typically easy ways to make money. The assignments are generally simple and require only a small investment of time to complete. The pay can range from a few dollars to hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the terms of the opportunity.
The Negatives of Sponsored Reviews and Pay You to Blog Sites for Bloggers:
Sponsored reviews that aren't related to the blog topic are useless to readers and can actually drive readers away. Additionally, sponsored reviews don't typically pay more than a few dollars (with $25 being high) unless you have a highly trafficked blog. Finally, sponsored reviews are frowned upon by Google who might penalize you for publishing sponsored reviews. Google views posts that include links to an advertiser's website to be a form of paid text links, which artificially inflate the advertiser's incoming links and gives them an unfair boost in search rankings.
A Word About Disclosure, NoFollow and Google:
Advertisers and publishers could be penalized for participating in sponsored reviews. That means your blog could see a significant decline in its Google page rank or could be removed from Google search results entirely. One way around getting a paid link penalty from Google is to fully disclose your sponsored reviews as paid posts and use the "NoFollow" tag within the HTML code of your links so Google doesn't detect those links when it crawls and indexes the web. However, advertisers are paying for those links and aren't likely to offer opportunities for paid posts to you if you use the "NoFollow" tag.
Bottom Line:
Determine your long term goals for your blog before you being using sponsored reviews and pay you to blog sites to monetize your blog. Weigh the moneymaking benefits against the potential loss of Google page rank and search traffic before you begin publishing sponsored reviews to ensure they're right for you, your blog and your audience. An alternative to consider is SocialSpark, which is a fairly new sponsored review site that adheres to Google's restrictions and requires full disclosure as well as the use of the "NoFollow" tag by all publishers.
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