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Top SEO Tools For Blogger

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If you want to get some good amount of visitors to your blog from search engines, you need to do a bit of SEO to your blog like meta tags, title tags, heading tags, choosing good keywords,etc.

But,its a bit difficult to do all that stuff on your own..especially if you are new to blogging and know less about design stuff(html,etc). Many sites are charging lots of bucks monthly for SEO tools like backlink checker, keyword researcher, etc. But, some people can't afford it.. So, I decided to create "SEO Tools" section here in BloggerTricks with full of useful SEO,design tools (ofcourse..for Free :D) which can help your blog traffic,search engine rankings,revenue..
With these tools, you can get to know lot of information about your blog like..your keywords, the keywords you should be targetting, how fast your blog is loading, your site pagerank,backlinks in search engines,etc.
I'm working on this new Tools section from a week now..and it is finally ready and I'm very happy to release it :)

Here are some of the top tools in the list..SEO Tools"


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