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Using Google Webmasters Tools Won’t Reveal Anything About Your Site

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I am a big fan of Google Webmaster Tools, and one of the messages on the Daily Blog Tips newsletter is about why you should use this tool, and how you can use it efficiently.
Then a couple of days ago I received the following email in response to my advice (I’ll keep the identity of person anonymous for obvious reasons):
I have built many, many websites, and over the last couple of years of testing and re-testing, I have come to find out that my websites do better by NOT letting big G* have complete access to them.
I started out by doing exactly that. Submitting all my websites to big G’s Webmaster tools. Why? Because all the people “In the know” recommended it. Well, guess what? I could never figure out why I could never get my websites higher than the 2nd page.
Then, I read an article by a not so very well known Internet marketer who was making millions. Everyone blew him off and called him crazy. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to him personally and what he revealed to me was simply amazing.
I decided to give it a try with some of my sites that were not doing very well. I took them out of G* Webmaster tools (there are many other ways of tracking you know) and low and behold. Most of them were on page 3 or worse before. After taking them off G tools, within 2 to 3 weeks, they were on the first page and making money.
The way I see it now, it’s like letting the government into your life. The more they know about you, the worse they make it!
As you can imagine I don’t agree with this argument, and here is why.
When you create an account on Google Webmasters Tools and submit your sites there you are not, by any means, giving Google more or less access to your website. You are not giving them any more information than what they already have by crawling and indexing your site over time.
The only thing they ask is that you confirm the ownership over your site (either by plating a meta tag on the header of your template, or by uploading an HTML file to your server) so that they can show you the information they have about your site, and give you advice to solve problems, should there be any.
In other words, signing up for Google Webmaster Tools won’t affect the information Google has about your site. It will, however, give you the opportunity to discover how Google sees your site, and this information can be very valuable.
Here is a personal example to illustrate the point. A couple of years ago I noticed that most of the pages of this blog started losing its search rankings. I couldn’t figure what was wrong, since I was not doing anything wrong or shady. After a couple of weeks I finally remember to log into the Webmaster Tools, and I found that I had a huge number of “Unreachable” crawling errors. This basically meant that the Google bot was not being able to crawl my pages for some reason. I then discovered there is a wrong setup on my server blocking the bot, and once I fixed that the rankings came right back.
There are many other valuable features and diagnosis tools offered by Google inside the Webmaster Tools. Now does Google offer all of this to webmasters because it is an altruistic company? Not all. Google is just doing what is sound for its business interests. If they help webmasters make their sites as good as possible, it will be easier for Google to crawl them and to sort the information around the web more efficiently (not to mention that better websites will get more traffic, and if they are AdSense users they will make more money both for Google and for themselves).
That is why I don’t buy the “Google is out there to get webmasters” theory.
What the person mentions in the email could even be true, but it would be just a coincidence. Adding or removing your site from the Webmaster Tools should have no effect on its search rankings. It is the same thing when people add or remove AdSense from their websites and search rankings go up or down. People think things are related, but it is just a coincidence.
Anyway this is just my opinion, and given that everyone is entitled to one, feel free to write a comment below with your thoughts on the issue.


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