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The Best Blogger Features

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Everyone knows the more basic features that can be used on an account with Blogger. But did you know there is an entire page of official third-party applications that can be added to your blog? Because they are not available on the main options page they are often overlooked. Here are a few of the best:
BlogWizard – For those of us who never took the time to master HTML, BlogWizard is an easy to use program that let’s you configure text and your overall appearance using their easy application.
PowerBlog – A desktop application that allows you to blog using .NET configurations, and add them to your Blogger account.
Photo Lightening – A photo blogging program that makes it easy to touch up, edit, and blog photographs. You can also use it to create a complex montage or impressive album.
Zoundry – A complete Blogger editor, which not only lets you create more attractive pages and set ups, but lets you drop in photos, recommend products, and earn cash rewards for you and visitors when recommendations are bought. Great for charities and non-profit organizations.
Create Your Own – Using will allow developers to create and use their own custom applications, which can incorporate any idea you may have.


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