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Pet Society Coin Cheat with Brush

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"Pet Society Coin Cheat with Brush"
- Firefox or Flock browser
- Cheat engine 5.6
- Adobe flash player 9.0 r124 (

This cheat will give you 2 coins every using brush to your pet. The good advantage is paw point will be not increase, useful if you won't get much attention that using cheats :D
You may need axife mouse recorder or other macro program to record mouse movement so you can leave it all night long.
First buy an apple or anything, than use brush on your pet once, then search 8 bytes, A.S.R.M, Hex. Input value 110FF2D045590FF2, put the result on the generator. Search again with 7D8B000005B38F0F, put it again on generator then click Enviar (Generate). Copy the generated code then go to tools > auto assemble > paste code > execute > Done.

You can also use brush together with your friend, it will give you 4 coins every move.
Watch this video for the details.

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