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Country Story Wood & Stone Cheat

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Country Story - Wood & Stone Cheat

1. Requiement: Flash player 9, Firefox, Cheat engine 5.6

2. Run Cheat engine, choose your Firefox browser , select 8 bytes, Hex, Also scan memory .

3.Go to country story pick up one stone, Input E845890000000AB8 , First scan

4. You will find out one result at the left handside, choose this result, right click=>Disassemble this memory region, select the top line, right click =>Go to address, copy that address

5. go to , input your address to this box, than click Enviar, Copy all of the out put result.

6. back to cheat engine, paste the result below the “Memory view“, then, right click and set a hot key for it(remember to test the hotkey)

7. go to country story, click your hotkey to enable the cheat, move your character=>click the hotkey to off your cheat, your will get lot of stone.

!! You must off the cheat quickly after move your character, otherwise, the browser will shut down!! just on and off the cheat then move the character

watch video!

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