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Ghost Online

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 Ghost Online

 Ghost Online is an interesting 2D Side-scrolling MMORPG by Netgame. It seems that the side-scrolling MMORPG genre is really starting to take off, as more and more publishers are launching their own side scrolling titles. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Ghost Online looks virtually identical  so it loses points on innovation, but the game does have its own two legs to stand on and is well worth checking out. Players start their adventure in the game’s world as a classless peasants and can advance to one of the game’s four job advancements at level 10.  The game’s four first job advancements are:
Warrior - Warriors are the generic ‘fighter’ class in Ghost Online. They have high defense and can deal a moderate amount of damage in melee combat. The drawback to playing a warrior is that they do not have many ranged attacks and can’t deal as much damage as the game’s other classes.
Assassin - Assassin’s are the most agile and stealthiest class in Ghost Online. They have incredibly high attack power, but weak defense. They can use both ranged and melee weapons as they are skilled with both throwing stars and claw weapons.
Magician – Magicians are the generic offensive spell casting class in Ghost Online. They are capable of dealing large amounts of damage from a distance with their powerful spells, but they have the lowest hit points of all the classes. They are capable
Champion - Champions are hybrids of Warriors and Assassins. They can deal more damage than a warrior in melee range, but have less defensive capabilities.


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