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Before you use Cheat HighStreet5 Bot, you must download Cheat Engine 5.6 Its work for server Indonesia
and non HS5 MY. If bot HighStreet5 can detect keys but not press them, chances are numlock is off, the client is not in focus or you are using the wrong architecture. How to use cheat bot HS5 :
1. Launch HS5 (MY), go to the login screen and minimize it.
2. Launch Cheat Engine 5.6 target Launch.exe.
3. Search for ‘Array of Bytes’, make sure Hex is ticked. Value to search for is ‘00 00 bc 41 00 00 a0 41 00 00 b0 41 0c 01 00′.
4. You will get 1 result, add this to your address list.
5. Copy the Address value (like ‘1CF6A5CC’ for example) of the the AOB you found
6. Run Freestyler. Press Start and paste this address value in there and hit ok
7. Login and play the game. If you dont trust me, you can also perform steps 1-6 after you have logged in


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