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How to increase WiFi signal strength

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3, Update your wireless network adapter driver. This also helps boost your WIFI signal strength. Be sure to back up first.

4, Buy or make a better antenna for your wireless router. Usually the omni-directional antenna that comes with the wireless router does poorly in transmitting signal to a broader location, so you can always buy or make your own antenna.

5, Buy a wireless signal repeater. A repeater will extend your WIFI signal coverage tremendously. However this requires spending extra money, but if you do not mind, it really helps a lot.

6, Upgrade to Wireless N. If you were to set up your WIFI network, you can consider using 802.11n devices. Wireless N uses multiple-in-multiple-out (MIMO), a smart antenna technology, and other improvements that make for much larger coverage areas and faster connections. To get full improvement, you also need to use both Wireless N for the router and the wireless adapters.


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