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WiFi hack and WEP key Hack

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If you have a WiFi enabled device like a mobile phone or a laptop, you may have found that open wireless networks which grant access to all rarely exist. And if you are developing a WiFi network, pay attention to choose WPA key encryption, for someone may be able to hack a WEP Key encrypted wireless network and gain your WEP key, hence gain access to your wireless network.

How to hack a WEP key encrypted WiFi network

In order to get the WEP key, you need two programs: Ariodump (airodump) and WinAirCrack.
First, configure Ariodump. Run Ariodump, it will show all WNIC you have on you laptop and ask you to enter the WNIC interface index number, choose BUFFALO WNIC, that is, to enter 26. Then choose the type of WNIC chip, as HermesI/Realtek is the most popular, select ‘o’ (depending on your WNIC chip). Then choose the channel number of the AP, we here select 6 (it can be set to a single channel from 1 to 14 or set it to 0 to hop among all channels).Then enter the name and path of the resulting file (.txt, .cap). When the application ask if only write WEP IVs, choose no.
airodump v2.3
Secondly, when all has been set, Ariodump starts to capture encrypted traffic, after a sufficient number of packets have been collected (300,000), you can stop it. And you will find the cap and txt file in the WinAirCrack folder.
Third, run WinAirCrack, press the button that has a file ico and select the cap file. Then click on the WEP tab, choose 64 for the Key size as most user choose this length of WEP key. Finally click on aircrack button and it starts to work, when it finishes a CMD window prompts and displays KEY FOUND followed by the WEP key.
Please note Ariodump may take a long time to capture 300,000 packets of wireless data, it depends on the the amount of data being transferred and if you have set the right mode for your WNIC and target network (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n), be aware they are using the same mode.
 Once you get the WEP key, now you may gain free access to the Wi-Fi network and Internet.

Where to download Ariodump and WinAirCrack

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