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Luna Online Update Big Boss

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Luna Online Update Big Boss
Luna Online launched the latest update of "Big Boss".
At this time World Updates will be visited by Tarintus Blueland. Tarintus is a monster legends that are in the World Blueland. You should invite your friends to be able to defeat this boss. In addition there are still many interesting things that will update you meet in Online Luna this time that will be opened on:

Monday, April 12th, 2010 at 11:00 pm

Come not to be missed to join this latest update!
In this latest update, a lot of interesting features that will appear. New features are:

    * Increasing the maximum level
    * New Map
    * New Monster
    * PK System
    * Boss System
    * Item Drop Option
    * Item Mall

With the increased Maximum Level to Level 99, Adventure in the World Blueland more exciting and thrilling! Blueland World Come explore with your friends!
Addition of new maps on the World Blueland, that is distorted Crack, Swamp Ghost Tree, Goa roar 1F, 2F Goa roar, and the New Dating Dungeon Map: Villa Awful. And the addition of new features that had long you wait, the PK System, Item Drop Option, and the Boss System.

Do not forget that along with this update Online Luna also present some new Item Mall.

To enliven the latest updates Online Luna, Luna Online team is also already preparing some exciting and interesting event. For more details please chek


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