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It's been a long two years since Blizzard unleashed World of Warcraft on a gaming world that was apparently primed to receive it. While some massively multiplayer games had done well before WoW hit store shelves in November of 2004, none had achieved anything like the unprecedented success of Warcraft. As one of the biggest smash hits in PC gaming history, whether online or off, World of Warcraft has taken on a life of its own, increasing its worldwide subscriber rolls to eight million players in the last two years.

Unfortunately for those of you who dabbled with WoW and managed to escape the addiction, Blizzard has managed to unleash another four compact discs full of captivating content in the form of The Burning Crusade, the first full expansion for World of Warcraft. The list of new additions in the Burning Crusade is a rollcall of the popular features that you might have expected: new races, new zones to quest in, a new profession, a raised level cap, and so on.

This short primer to the Burning Crusade is intended to introduce you to some of the new features of the game. The amount of new content that's been added to the game, especially in the Outlands, will be more than we can possibly cover in a short space, but if you're looking for some of the new surprises in the expansion, then feel free to read on!

Hack Speed With Cheat Engine

This is speed hack which is not speed up whole game process like CE speed hack does, it simply speed up your char by changing the value of equipted mount speed,In works perfectly when I change the value by hands. However I have few problems creating a trainer or whaever..I have found one Float value via Cheat Engine.Next thing I'm doing is trying to find out what writes into this value adress.
When I receive asambler code it's folowing:

0096eef5 - fstp dword ptr [esi+0000094]
Now I'm trying to find out the pointer. Searching for a HEX value that Cheat Engine adviced me in "The value of the pointer needed to find this adress is probably". At the moment adress is 113d86e0. When I previously started the game it was 11111248.

So I'm searching for the value 113d86e0 -> founds nothing in 4 bytes or 8 bytes.

How now I can define or find this pointer?
Or it can be that game engine just writes it in random free memory? (If it's like so, then I've unlikely missed this part of tutorial if there was such).

P.S. what 0096eef5 adress does? It's always the same.
P.P.S. I've tryed out creating trainer vie assabler:

Poke 96EEF5 90 90 90 90 90 90
Code:Poke 96EEF5 D9 9E 94 00 00 00 .


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aiboy said...

Pagi sob, berkunjung nih, tampilannya dah berubah y, pangling uy.. terpaksa kirim pesan disini :-)
kalo boleh minta alamat email mu dunk... 8-)

lina@home sweet home said...

hehehe, i'm not a games fan...but i'll inform this to my nephew...

zdiaq said...

walah ga liat questbook nya ternyata di hide sebelah kanan..

mampiir2 sambil baca2