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Some of the older botters may remember my old guide, and has been gone since the forum move. I decided to make a new guide for this forum with many of the concepts from the old guide as well as new. Thanks to all for the credit, and I'm glad it was of good help to some new to botting on Ragnarok.

Openkore is a free open source botting client supported by a handful of developers for your use. The purpose of this guide is to hopefully teach a new generation of botters to become better users and make your game play more enjoyable. I normally do not play MMORPGS because I hate grinding, but this program overcomes that dislike for me.

Openkore does not support Kill Stealing, likewise I do not support reporting other bots. I made this guide in order to encourage players to help each other and I hope you do the same, after all the developers wanted to share openkore with you. Therefore, put your retarded nature aside and contribute. Last thing I want to hear on the news is some kid in another country killing his friend over a GTB card. This game is not worth your life or anyone else - If anything be competitive in school or at work, and remember to help others.

In Addition, for you private server owners out there who think your fighting the good guys fight. Give me a fucking break, you think using stolen copyrighted material (doesn't matter how you argue it), and hosting it on your servers for your monetary gain makes you any better than people who bot on your servers? Your a thief, and that makes you worse than a cheater :? . I go to eAthena forums and I see many idiots who feel self-righteous and seriously you should know your place :roll:. Similar idiots who lurk here, but never contributing or helping others then change their post with "Never mind", "Problem Solved", "Please delete this post". For the rest of us that have accepted who we are (private server owners and/or botters), have a happy :lol:
Openkore SVN
You should always use the latest openkore as this is the only version supported by developers now. It will also solve a lot of the problems you may have with the program and also because my guide is based on this. You can download the latest openkore on the link I posted below, in addition you can download the Turtoise SVN to stayed constantly updated. If you install turtoiseSVN you'll know because you'll see green check marks on your Openkore folders. You can then right click the folders to see a "Update SVN" option to update the folders.

Figure 1. The main folder is called Openkore. Within this folder contains control, table, fields, src, logs, plugins, and the executable files WXstart or Start. These are the exact names, and must be put in this fashion in order for the program to operate properly.

You may have notice there are two executable files WXstart.exe and Start.exe. These are the executable files you need to start your program. The WX has a better interface, but uses more memory and requires NetRedirect.dll. Start.exe is the original executable file and in my opinion more better since it uses less memory, but requires you to know the console commands. If your new I suppose WX would be the better choice since its prettier and all it requires of you is clicking.

Server Configurations
Most servers will require you to use packet extractors such as JCV's RO Tool or Openkore Packet Extractor. The latter which can be found in the same link as the latest Openkore Folders. Make sure you direct the program to the private server's RO executable. It will extract a file such as recvpackets.txt. This file should be in the tables folder.

Make sure the name of the file is correct such as below like EssenceRO.

[EssenceRO] ip port 6900 master_version 16 private 1 serverEncoding Western serverType kRO_RagexeRE_2009_01_21a charBlockSize 108 version 25 recvpackets recvpackets-essenceRO.txt

Remember there are many server types and there is no way of knowing without trying all of them till one of them works. (Server types: 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8_1, 8_2, 8_3, 8_4, 8_5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22)
For Renewal serverTypes, try these: - kRO_RagexeRE_2008_08_27a - kRO_RagexeRE_2008_09_10a - kRO_RagexeRE_2008_11_12a - kRO_RagexeRE_2008_12_17a - kRO_RagexeRE_2008_12_17b - kRO_RagexeRE_2009_01_21a - kRO_RagexeRE_2009_10_27a - kRO_RagexeRE_2009_11_03a - kRO_RagexeRE_2009_12_29a
Download Link

Issues With In-Game Text? Omit or add 1 of 3 below: - charBlockSize 106 - charBlockSize 108 - charBlockSize 112


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